Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy New Blog!

Hullo there,

I've been doing the online dating thing since February 2007, and hoo boy, it's been quite the learning experience! Dating in general is both frustrating and exciting, but add the online element, and there's a whole new set of social quirks to navigate through.

So if you're an online dater yourself, are thinking about joining the party or just want a cheap thrill/laugh at my expense, then go ahead. I'm here for you.

I intend to cover it all: hilarious profiles, awkward first contact, in-person disappointments, the hotties and the notties, my armchair psychology, rants for the wicked and cheers for the deserving, limited lonesome self-pity, frequent despondence yet perpetual optimism, unsolicited advice and yes, even sex in a very limited capacity (c'mon, a girl's got to keep some secrets!).

I have many passions, of which you'll eventually learn, but food is definitely up there, so my dating adventures will occasionally take a culinary twist. Don't be alarmed. For me, it's a natural progression to associate my love of food with my love for lovin'.

And of course, all the names (yes, even my own!) have been changed to protect the innocent ... and guilty.

So onward to the online stuff. Mush! (Mmm, mush...)


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