Monday, January 5, 2009

Who Is Leta?: An Introduction

The brilliant readers you are, I'm sure you've deduced that I am: female, Asian, single, alive from the consumption of nutritious food.

But I'm sure you would like to know the dirt on why I'm using the Interwebs to find a relationship and why, after being online for two freaking years, I'm STILL plugging away at it.

Answers to both are somewhat intertwined. I had a longterm boyfriend for five years, but it was mainly comfort and being stagnant. After I bid the very sweet fella a tearful adieu (believe me, it was far more excruciating than I make it sound, and I still feel bad), I told myself I wouldn't settle again for mere comfort.

So I went through a few years with very minimal dating. There was interest, but I just wasn't keen on them. Or, if I had a crush, it soon faded once I got to know them.

I had several friends who had met their spouses online (I will get to their success stories in later posts), so I always knew that I was open to that. One day, after returning from a fun vacation with my girlfriends, I wondered how much better the trip would have been with a guy -- my guy.

So yeah, not the sunlight through the clouds epiphany you were expecting, but it made me sign up for Yahoo Personals that night.

My intent was twofold: to date for fun/experience and to date to eventually find my future partner. I figured I needed the experience since my dating had been so spotty previously, and boy howdy, yeah, I was such an awkward little fluttery high schooler again.

I wasn't the cool-headed and practical dater I thought I'd be. But hey, that's what makes for the good stories, eh?

Well, I've gotten to be a better judge of character lately, so my dates aren't the spectacular, cringe-worthy flops they had been before (alas). As you saw with Joe the Sculptor, I can choose the nice guys, but I just can't control the chemistry.

I kind of figured I'd be online for the long haul, partly because I know I'm kind of picky, partly because my success story friends told me about their time served. Funny thing is I just know that after all this Internet experience, I'll have some random meet-cute on a plane, in the self-checkout line at Ralph's or browsing dirty books at the local Borders. And that will be that. Ha!

Wish me luck!


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  1. Borders has dirty books? I had no idea... You must tell me where :)