Monday, January 5, 2009

Photos: All By Myself

There's no excuse for not posting a photo online if you're seeking a date. I've heard most of the excuses: I don't have a camera, I don't know how to use it, I'm a big CEO of a company and must keep a low profile ...

I spit upon you all!

And of all the photos you post, arguably the most important are the solo photos. Duh.


1) Hire someone or ask your friend to take some of you while you're out. Simple.

2) DIY:

- Taking a picture of your reflection - Sure it's easy and effective, but it's kind of crappy looking. Either you get that big flash in the reflection or the lighting is all messed up. And a bathroom as a backdrop? Must I even say?
- Pointing the camera at yourself - Forget the MySpace overhead shot (yes ladies, I know this shows off your boobage). Why not just use the mirror to look at the viewfinder? It takes a bit of practice, but once you frame yourself right, redirect your gaze to the lens at the last second before snapping away. Or, you can use the timer to allow yourself precious seconds to set up.
- Webcam photos - Quality isn't always the best, but at least make sure you're looking at the lens and are at a proper distance -- not scary close-up or tiny far away.

3) Cropping

- Sometimes your best pictures have other folk in them. That's okay to post as-is, but using a simple photo editor to crop them out means that people looking at your photo won't have to hunt for you and that your face will be bigger on the screen. Win-Win.
- Bonus: You can crop out your ex or even your friend who's (slightly) more attractive than you are. (And yes, I did have a moment of browsing once when I was immediately attracted ... until I saw that the guy in the photo on the right was the one with the profile. D'oh!)


1) It dosen't matter if it's a bust shot (shoulders and up -- why, what were you thiking?) or 3/4 shot or full body shot -- we want to see your face! So please, at least have one photo w/o sunglasses or large-brimmed hat.

2) Head coverings - Yes, we want to know if you're bald or not. 'Fess up! Own it!

3) Why don't guys like to smile? Smile, dammit! One or two photos MINIMUM with a nice smile. The rest can be uber-serious or wacky-silly if you absolutely must show those sides of your personality. And the super close-up of the eyeball? That's creepy or artistic, but mainly I'd say creepy.

Did I miss anything? My thoughts on showing skin at a later date.

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  1. EVERYBODY hates smiling--and I really wish people would. It makes a picture into a real photo of somebody :O